Lommy Pro II

Image © Jamie Street

Lommy Pro II

Lommy Pro is an energy-saving, environmentally friendly GPS device for tracking vehicles, boats, machines and other goods

Lommy Pro offers you a high degree of flexibility and functionality with minimal power consumption. Thanks to the internal motion sensor and the new 'Flextrack Zero Power' concept, Lommy Pro is only switched on and 'active' when you want it to be.

The device will not discharge the battery of your vehicle, machine or boat, even if it has not been charged for a while.

Mount the device wherever you want; the housing is robust and the device is very small: as big as a credit card and only 14 mm thick.

General specifications

Quadband GSM module (SMS, TCP/IP, FTP etc.)
3.3-volt SIM card
High-performance GPS receiver (tracking -165 dBm, 22 channels, update rate 1, 2 or 4 Hz)
3D-G force sensor (max +/-16 G, resolution 1 mG, up to 160/400 Hz)

RF transceiver 433 or 868 MHz, 10 mW (max. 250 Kbit/second, please specify frequency when ordering)

Built-in antennas for GSM, GPS and RF transceivers s
2 analog inputs (0-60V, 10 bit resolution)

1 digital output (max. 60 Volt and 500 mA, pulls the output to ground)

Optional micro SD card, RS232, RS485, CAN bus and 1-Wire bus (please specify when ordering)

4 user-controlled LEDs and 1 key

USB port (USB mini plug) for uploading/downloading files, configurations, etc.
The unit can switch on automatically when power is applied (power input or USB power supply), analog inputs > 8 volts, a button is pressed, motion/free fall of the G-sensor is detected or at a set date/time.
Full support of the Flextrack FAL API programming interface. (The devices are delivered with our 'Standard Tracker Application' as standard, see detailed description)

Operating temperature: 
-30°C to +60°C (high power charge only from 0°C to 50°C)

Air humidity: max. 90%, relative

Power supply:
Input voltage 10-60 Volt DC (can also be charged via a USB port)
1100 mAh rechargeable battery