Stand-Alone Communication Systems

Remote control and monitoring of plants Construction sites Measuring stations Solar and wind farms

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Sat Antenne
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2-way communication via satellite

Air conditioned 19" cabinets

Hardware reset via GSM socket

Redundancy via GSM

Access to servers via VPN

Camera surveillance

UPS (with SNMP)

Network (LAN) analysis and planning

19" Cabinet with cooling and heating to ensure the ambient temperatures. Satellite modems are designed for an ambient temperature of at least 0°C / max. 40°C. If this temperature range is not maintained, this can have a significant effect on the lifetime of the components.

VPN-Router with GSM port and external antenna

Access to the local network is via VPN. In case of a failure of the satellite connection, the system automatically switches to GSM. If the satellite connection is available again, it is automatically used again..

GSM socket for hardware reset

If the server or other connected components no longer respond to commands, the GSM socket can switch off the devices via a call. After 60 sec an automatic restart is performed.

USV with SNMP slot card

In the event of a power failure, an e-mail is automatically sent with this information.

Sat Antenne
Bild AlphaContec
Bild AlphaContec

Through our satellite providers we can offer you Internet connections in and outside Europe. Different tariff options make it possible to cover different requirement profiles. From economical SCADA applications to broadband connections via satellite with high data volumes.

We operate satellite systems in solar and wind farms in Germany, France, Italy, Slovenia and Spain.

For monitoring purposes we are happy to offer cameras, IR spotlights and video servers.

System solution for solar and wind farms

  1. SAT modem, mirror, BUC/LNB
  2. GSM socket with external antenna
  3. Air-conditioned cabinet with thermostat and heating
  4. Router with GSM port and load balancer including configuration
  5. USV with SNMP adapter Prof. and slot card

Router with GSM port and external antenna

In order to be able to access the system from outside, we can assign a DYN:DNS address or a public IP address. If the satellite connection fails, the system automatically switches to GSM. If the satellite connection is available again, the satellite connection is used.

To be able to shut down the satellite system and the router quickly in case of a problem, the GSM socket is provided. When a call is received, the GSM socket automatically switches the connected devices off and on within 20 seconds.

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