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DSL via Satellite

Service in KA band over Hylas 1 position 33.5° West

Provider: Avanti Communications Group plc

Minimum contract period: 12 months

The contract is automatically renewed for 12 months at a time and can be cancelled 2 months before the end of the contract period.

The tariffs (Basic and Professional) via Hylas 1 are not subject to a fair usage policy. Regardless of the usage, the bandwidth is not throttled. After consumption of the included data volume, 2 variants are available:

  1. AUP: the service is interrupted for the rest of the month. Cost control is guaranteed.
  2. VBB: the service is still available. The additional consumption will be recalculated.
Hylas 1 Satellite
Hylas 1 Satellite ©esa.int

Availability (Footprint):

Germany is not completely covered by Hylas 1.

The coverage shown is not legally binding. We will be happy to check availability at your location upon request.

Information and prices: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 033467 25230
Fax: 033764 25232

Fast broadband via satellite for Germany and Europe
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Volume-based tariffs

When customers can assess their needs, they simply choose the appropriate tariff. The volume is used without throttling the speed.

We recommend customers who cannot estimate their needs to start with the smallest volume and then book a higher volume the following month if necessary. Unused volume expires and cannot be used in the next billing period.

Shared bandwidth
Alle „normalen“ Breitbandverbindungen, auch unser DSL via Satellit, sind eine geteilte Bandbreiten. Man hat keine zugesicherte Bandbreite und ist von der aktuellen Nutzung anderer Kunden

Dedicated bandwidth
The booked bandwidth corresponds to the actually delivered bandwidth (exception: strong weather influences). The data volume transferred is limited only by the physical limits of the bandwidth within a certain period of time.

Weather influences
Basically, the weather has an influence on the data transmission. By an increase of the transmission power in the upload, this is normally compensated by the hardware (BUC/LNB) used by us.

The ping times are higher with DSL via satellite than with terrestrial broadband connections. Since the signal runs from the satellite station to the satellite, from the satellite to the satellite provider and then back again, 4x approx. 38,000 km are bridged. Therefore the ping times are greater than 650 milliseconds. Therefore online games based on short reaction times are not possible.