Internet via SAT

Bild Avanti Communications

You can choose between

Provider: Avanti Communications

Satellite: HYLAS 1 (KA-Band)

Position: 33,5° West

Antenna orientation for Germany: southwest

Outward and return channel via satellite   

Provider: Eutelsat/Skylogic Tooway

Satellite: KA-Sat 9A

Position: 9° Ost   

Antenna orientation for Germany: South

Outward and return channel via satellite 

Internet via satellite is available throughout Germany. White spots in the supply belong to the past. Due to technical development, the Internet via satellite is technically stable and inexpensive. It enables higher availability for Internet access through fallback. Should your Internet provider fail, the connection via satellite is immediately available as an alternative broadband. We provide customers in Europe with stable broadband. Of course also M2M in solar and wind parks or other areas.