Deutsche Telekom

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SIM Telekom

Due to its tariff structure, this SIM card is particularly suitable for use in the German Telekom mobile network. It offers an inclusive volume for use in Germany.

The SIM card is approved exclusively for data transmission of m2m applications. Any other use is not permitted.

Data roaming is deactivated when the SIM card is delivered. If data roaming is desired, it must either be explicitly stated when ordering or can be requested at a later date. Data roaming may incur roaming charges abroad, and possibly also in Germany close to the border with other countries, which are charged according to the roaming price list.

We offer SIM cards with 2 GB, 5 GB, 30 GB and 50 GB.

For each card 1 public IP address is available.

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Technical notes for M2M tariffs via LTE

All ports can be used bidirectionally

1 fixed IP address per SIM card 

After consumption of the incl. data volume throttling to 64 Kbit/s

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